Herbal Remedies

TrimBin provides an ideal environment for garbling, sifting and powdering herbs. Use Trim Bin to process ingredients for use in creating herbal remedies. Sifted and powdered herbs made from the fresh, dried parts of plants offer unique benefits.

Chief among the benefits of preparing your own sifted and powdered herbs is your assurance of purity. For medicinal purposes, powdered herbs can be taken either by capsule, in water, in teas, or sprinkled onto food.

Powdered herbs can be made into tinctures by combining 1 – 4 ounces of powdered plant material with one pint alcohol such as vodka. Capsules can be filled with powdered plant material for swift ingestion which is particularly helpful for bitter tasting herbs. Poultices or plasters can be made using powdered herbs by combining hot or boiling water with the plant material and blending.

Mountain Rose Herbs, located in Eugene Oregon is a great source for capsule machines and veggie caps. They also carry bottles and jars for storing your herbal concoctions. Check out their site to learn more.

Disclaimer: The information and recipes on this site are for educational purposes only. Information and references on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Pet CareIngredients:

2 ounces powdered catnip

1 pint vodka

Instructions: dry 6 ounces fresh catnip. Using Trim Bin, garble and trim dried catnip leaves and press through fine mesh screen. Place powdered catnip leaves into clean, dry glass jar and pour vodka over to cover. Cap and allow to set in a warm place, out of direct light for two to four weeks. (If herb absorbs and displaces vodka, add more vodka.) Shake daily. At end of desired infusion time period, pour and strain the concoction through a fine mesh cheese cloth. Pour strained tincture into clean, dry bottle and cap.


1 tsp powdered sage

1 tsp aloe vera gel

Instructions: dry 1 T fresh sage. Using Trim Bin, garble and trim dried sage leaves and press through fine mesh screen. Place sifted sage leaves into small, clean glass bowl. Add aloe vera gel and stir. Adjust consistency as necessary to create a sticky paste. Apply paste to affected area and let dry.